14390833_1017764914989968_9149302581243580016_nConservative Progress was founded in mid-2016 by two Conservative Party activists, and former members of the London regional management executive, Luke Springthorpe and Nabil Najjar, with the aim of establishing a genuine grassroots organisation, run by activists for the benefit of grassroots activists. We exist to advance conservatism in the UK. We seek to do this in three ways.

  • First, we host the largest annual gathering for conservative minded grassroots activists in the UK and give them a chance to have their say, and hear from the brightest and the best in the conservative movement.
  • Secondly, we seek to spread the message of conservatism as far and wide as possible by using the latest innovative digital campaign techniques.
  • Finally, we build capacity for the movement by training hundreds of activists across the country to ensure they are equipped to spearhead local and national campaigns.