CP Endorses Joy Morrissey for Mayor of London

At 10am today, those of you who are registered members of the Conservative Party and live in London should receive a ballot to select the Conservative candidate to be the next Mayor of London.

Conservative Progress is delighted to officially endorse Cllr Joy Morrissey to be the Mayoral candidate.

We don’t need to rehash Sadiq Khan’s various failings as Mayor in this email. But it’s clear that with the right campaign, he is beatable. His popularity has recently sunk to its lowest level since he took office, and the right candidate – backed by a strong campaign & a motivated activist base – can ensure we offer the electorate a better alternative.

That said, it isn’t going to be an easy task. Sadiq Khan is an adept politician and a tricky opponent. Simply going negative isn’t going to be enough to beat him – we need to offer a positive, conservative alternative to make our city safe again, build more homes for people to live in and raise a family and ensure our transport policy isn’t held hostage by powerful transport unions.

We’ve examined the three candidates on three main criteria. First and foremost, who will leave a positive legacy for the Party in London…win or lose in 2020, we need to ensure we make up ground against Labour in our ability to fight an effective ground war in future campaigns. This is something we’ve at Conservative Progress have consistently championed.

Secondly, who has direct experience of going toe-to-toe with the ‘new’ Labour party, fuelled by the aggressive campaign tactics of Momentum. Finally, who can stand their ground against Sadiq Khan. In all three categories, we believe that Joy comes out on top.

We have been particularly impressed by Joy’s vision to strengthen the party and involve the grassroots, right from the off. She outlined this publicly in a recent article.

Having been the Parliamentary Candidate in Momentum’s number one target seat and then helped lead part of the London campaign to defend Conservative Council’s in London in 2018, whilst also fighting her own council seat, she’s gained first-hand experience of what we’re up against from Momentum and the Labour Party in London. She’s demonstrated a clear commitment to ensuring we leave a positive legacy for local associations by recruiting and training new & existing activists, whilst also running a robust but positive campaign.

As this is a preference-based election, we urge you to cast your second preference vote for Andrew Boff. We believe Andrew has proven himself in head-to-head battles with Sadiq Khan at Mayor’s question time. Both he and Joy have also been consistent supporters of Conservative Progress and most recently showed their commitment to engaging with the grassroots activists of London by attending our post-election conference, which was attended by well over 100 London activists.

It’s already clear that another four years of Sadiq Khan would be a damaging prospect for our capital city, and we wish the eventual winner the very best of luck in ensuring we get a Conservative back into City Hall.