Luke Springthorpe debates at the Cambridge Union

Conservative Progress Director Luke Springthorpe took part in a debate at the Cambridge Union on November 24th. Debating alongside Jonathan Simons (Head of Education at Policy Exchange) and Conor Monigham (Chairman of Cambridge University Conservatives), he opposed the motion that “This House Believes that the Government has Failed the Youth of Britain”. He argued that
“The Government has three main responsibilities towards its young people: offering access to world class education, laying the foundations for businesses to offer good jobs to young people and encouraging employers to help train them. In these three key areas, the Government hasn’t just avoided failure – it has achieved phenomenal success. Youth unemployment is at its lowest levels since 2007 as well as being below its long term average and it continues to fall. Meanwhile, University places are at an all time high and the number of young people accessing advanced level apprenticeships has trebled since the government took office.”