Election party named as one of the top events in London

Our US election night party has been picked out by the Spectator, the Metro and CityAM as one of the top places in London to spend the evening.

With over 300 guests attending, as well as MPs and press teams for all around the world, this looks set to be unmissable.

Cheer on your favourite candidate as the events unfold across 15 plasma HD TV screens, at this party hosted by the Parliament Street think tank and newly-launched campaign group Conservative Progress. Due to keep going from 9.30pm until 6am, the venue will be decorated with US flags and campaign banners – and in case you’re feeling peckish there be an American-themed buffet help you power through the night into the early hours of morning.

CityAM – 7 November

This party hosted by Parliament Street think tank and the newly launched campaign group Conservative Progress will carry the action from America across 15 big screens. The venue will be decked out in US flags and American-themed buffet will be laid on to help you power through to morning.

The Spectator – 26 October

Expect beer, burgers, doughnuts and hot dogs at the Parliament Street and Conservative Progress Election Watch Party from 9.30am to 6am. There’ll have the US election broadcast on 15 screens throughout the night with loads of US flags and campaign banners. Oh yeah plus the bar has pool and ping pong tables.

The Metro – 7 November

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